Comedy movies have been a part of our lives since the beginning of the film industry. For instance, the famous silent movies based on the character called “Charlie Chaplin” showcased how a story could be interpreted without using any words. These movies could make you understand them completely just with the help of actions and expressions of the actors and some blended music.

But this was not the only way in which comedy has been created. It is a part of our daily life and showcasing this on the screen has been one of the biggest challenges. Not only the cast and the chemistry between characters, but the storyline has to be light hearted and able to make the audience laugh. After all, people come to watch comedy movies only to laugh and enjoy without worrying about anything that concerns their daily life.

comedy movies

comedy movies


Thus, comedy movies have been a great way to deal with the pressure that one might be dealing with. There can be many problems in one’s life, whether related to work or family or something else. But when one watches a movie that portrays life in a simple way, he or she starts getting optimistic. The person will understand that life can be lived easily while laughing and playing also.

As one enjoys playing mostly when he or she is a kid, children are considered to be the best cast for comedy movies. Not only they tickle your funny bones, but also tell you in a way that you can look at this life in a more positive way. It is also said that we all want to return back to our childhood and get rid of our worries. Children movies offer us this chance by making us a part of their world.

If a person does not like children movies, it does not mean he can’t enjoy comedy movies. Today we have lot of genres under the comedy section viz. horror, fantasy, action, romance, etc. As comedy can be created in any kind of story, it has been a successful trend in the film industry. There are movies which are about alien attacks on earth which may sound like a serious matter, but it could rather be so hilarious that one can laugh one’s head off.

Other than just the laughs, such movies give health benefits as well. It has been scientifically proven that watching humorous films is good for people who are suffering from medical problems like that of blood pressure, cholesterol issues, etc. Humour is highly essential for those who endure pain and distress.

Comedy movies which are considered best are the ones that are based on everyday issues as they allow us to connect with the story. The first and foremost goal of such a movie is to make you guffaw or at least grin and feel good after you watch it.

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