People watch sci-fi movies to enjoy the excitement and thrill while believing in something that may not be real. The stories being depicted in these movies may have never been imagined by the audience, but they do start imagining it readily as they become a part of the fictitious world. This world is sole creation of the film-makers who dare to think beyond the visible and challenge the facts that are accepted by all.

The new technology and available resources make it possible to make the imagination of creators so real that it doesn’t look unreal any more. From animals to the whole planet, everything has been imagined like live watch movies online as well as created to be portrayed on screen. The high clarity and detailed description of each and every entity makes it so believable that one can start thinking that his own world is less real than the one in the film. The recently set up 3D movies have made it even more stimulating and credible.

sci-fi movies

In the history of film industry, there have been so many outstanding movies that have succeeded to make the audience conceive and trust the world that is being depicted. The recent release Avatar which was also available in 3-D got popular because the story told in the movie was made so genuine that everyone accepted it easily. This movie even tried to set a good moral by presenting how the greed of human can make him act like an animal. As the humans try to capture the land of innocent creatures to extract the precious ore, the turn of events take place as one of them changes sides and makes them understand that they were wrong.

Another set of sci-fi movies that got so popular is called Star Wars. The story of this trilogy was hard to believe as it was completely based on the planets far away in some galaxy. Yet, they became the favorite of all in no time and today there are huge fan clubs dedicated to star wars only. Yet another famous movie called “E.T.” was the first one to tell the story of an alien who was friendly to humans. In fact the character was loved and is still remembered by the viewers.

As one can notice, all these stories have nothing to do with the reality, yet they are able to make the audience enjoy. But to make these movies successful, they have to contain the entire list of required aspect as the technology alone can’t make them a hit. There need to be suspense, excitement or even romance and comedy.

Just when there is a good story, the animation and special effects can make it turn into an remaining world. So if one likes to watch sci-fi movies, one can search for them online and enjoy them on their personal computer.

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