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Beyond The Black Rainbow
Genre: Sci-Fi | Mystery
Director's: Panos Cosmatos
Cast: Michael Rogers, Eva Allan and Scott Hylands
Writer's: Panos Cosmatos
Release: 2012-May-18
Runtime: 110 min
Rating : dsds dsds dsds dsds dsds
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Story "Beyond The Black Rainbow"

Beyon the black rainbow is directed by Panos Cosmatos. Beyond the black rainbow is a Reagan- era fever dream inspired by a childhood memories of midnight movie and Saturday morning cartoons. Beyond the black rainbow is story about a girl who is young and beautiful. Her name is Ellena and she has been a prisoner in her entire life. Cosmatos doesn’t tell us a lot about Ellena.

She lives in a single room in her entire life. Her world consist of a four stark white walls and a single window. She is held captive by a scientist whose name is Dr. Barry Nyle. She is kept deep within a mysterious arobian institute. Her mind is controlled by a sinister technology which is a mysterious diamond shaped light. In this movie under heavy sedation, ellena make her way our of arobia intitute. So the suspense in this movie is that does ellena ever be free to a normal life?.

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