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3 Chernobyl Diaries

90 min

Year: 2012

Release date: May 25,2012

Director: Bradley Parker

Writter's: Shane Van Dyke

Actors: Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski and Olivia Dudley

Genres: Horror

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The plot

Chernobyl diaries is a original story directed by Oren Pelli. Oren Pelli is the one who shocks the audience with his groundbreaking movie Paranormal Activity. This is a story of six young tourist who go to the tour. These six young tourist hire a Extreme tour guide. They didn’t care of any warning and ignore all the warnings. That tour guide take them to the place named Pripyat.

This place Pripyat is a former home for the workers of Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor and their families. Pripyat is now a ghost town because of explosion in nuclear reactor which spread the toxic level of radiation in atmosphere. Pripyat is a deserted town and gets disastered more than 25 years ago. After sometime these six tourist going to know soon that they are not alone and find themselves abandoned. They discover that they are being hunted by mutated people who are appear to mutated because of the toxic radiation in the atmosphere and living at that place.

Music by Diego Stocco

Cinematography Morten Soborg

Editing by Stan Stalfas

Studio Alcon Entertainment

Distributed by Warner Bros. Picturs