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2 Crooked Arrows

90 min

Year: 2012

Release date: May 18,2012

Director: Steve Rash

Writter's: Brad Riddell

Actors: Brandon Routh, Gil Birmingham and Crystal Allen

Genres: Drama | Sport

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The plot

Crooked arrow movie is directed by Steve Rash. It is a native American story with a native American hero done in that way we have never seen before. In this movie there is a mixed blood native American Joe Logan whose role is played by Brandon Routh. Joe Logan must first prove himself to his father who is a traditionalist tribal chairman by rediscovering his spirit.

Joe logan is a coach of lacrosse team in reservation high school. He is coaching the lacrosse team who competes against the well equipped and better trained player of the elite Prep School League in a state championship. Joe logan inspires that players of lacrosse team and teaches them the true meaning of tribal pride. Joe gives coaching to the team and also tells them to believe in their new found potential to prepare them for the state championship agains prep school rivals. So suspense in this movie is that will they win?. Crooked arrow is an original, uplifting sport movie.