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3 Lovely Molly

89 min

Year: 2012

Release date: May 18,2012

Director: Eduardo Sanchez

Writter's: --

Actors: Alexandra Holden, Johnny Lewis and Gretchen Lodge

Genres: Horror | Thriller

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The plot

Lovely molly is new horror thriller movie directed by Eduardo Sanchez. He is a brilliant director behind 1999. In this movie the Molly’s character is played by Gretchen Lodge. In this movie Molly moved to her old home with her husband Tim after the death of his father. But after the three months, there are some mysterious things occurring in the home. Door bell go off in the middle of the night and sound of footstep could be heard throught the home.

Molly’s husband Tim feels that these all occurance must be due to wind or a local children playing a prank. Tim is a truck driver so he is rarely at home and leave molly alone at home. Molly is continuously victimized by all the incidences occurring in the house. So she started taking drugs and gets addicted. When Tim come back to home in evening he see Molly staring at the ceiling in her room and and tell He's alive and this statement result into a strange occurances that will lead to a horrible results.
Production Co Amber Entertainment, Haxan Films
Budget $1,000,000 (estimated)