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2 The Dictator

83 min

Year: 2012

Release date: May 16,2012

Director: Larry Charles

Writter's: Sacha Baron Cohen

Actors: Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley

Genres: Comedy

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The plot

The dictator is a comedy movie by Sach Baron Cohen. This story is about a fictional dictator (Haffaz alladeen) who is inspired by saddam hussein’s novel Zabibah and the king. Haffaz alladeen (Sach Baron Cohen) is a hilariously bizzare dictator from the oil rich African nation of Waadeya. Haffaz alladeen is a egotistical and ruthless as dictator. Haffaz alladeen is also a Olympic gold medalist of waadeya for variety of events like 100 meter dash where he shots all of his competitors. At the heart of alladeen’s celebrity is his long, thick beard which he claims that inflammable.

The united nations concerned that Haffaz alladeen is running a secret nuclear weapons program in a dairy. There is also an another man Tahir ( Ben kingsley) who is with haffaz alladeen. He is a right hand of Haffaz alladeen. Tahir secretly wants to become a supreme leader of waadeya so he can sell the country’s oil to Mr. Lao who lives in china. So this story is all about a north African dictator who doesn’t care for his life to ensure that democracy never comes to his country.